Launches Fiat Ramp Exchange Platform

Eagle-eyed fans of may have noticed another monumental piece of news that snuck out recently!

Yes, you can now buy our digital currency, LIFEtoken directly through our very own exchange site – all powered by our friends over at Coinswitch.

You can compare the real-time rates across all exchanges and convert crypto to crypto or fiat to crypto at the best possible rates! even using your MasterCard or Visa. Simply search and convert nearly 300 tokens and check over 135 different token currency pairings.

For new and existing fans aware of our philanthropic mantra to change people’s lives around the world for the better, please remember to share this – 30% of the total supply of our LIFEtoken is ring-fenced for global charity programs. With new charitable partnerships and initiatives set to be announced very soon…

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*Please note this is currently not available to US citizens.

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