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As we’re sure that anyone who’s a fan of LIFE will already know, it’s our mission to make a difference. How do we do this? By ring-fencing 30% of our very own digital currency, LIFEtokens, to go towards global philanthropic causes. This involves partnering with charities to help them adopt and utilise Blockchain technology within their organisations, as well as working alongside them on specific projects that are vitally important and close to our hearts.

What was everyone talking about in May? The royal wedding of course! Harry and Meghan handpicked seven charities that they kindly asked their guests to donate to in honour of their marriage instead of receiving gifts. Here at LIFE, we took it upon ourselves to donate £1000, converted from our digital currency, LIFEtoken to each one of these charities in honour of the Royal Wedding. All in keeping with our philanthropic ethos of giving back. Since this national event, LIFE has continued to have an ongoing relationship with some of these charities. One example is Surfers Against Sewage, a fantastic charity whose mission is to help keep our oceans clean and free of plastic pollution. They have an ethos that is incredibly important to us all, whilst aligning with one of our key philanthropic pillars surrounding sustainability and environmental impact. We value this especially as our HQ is just a stone’s throw away from the ocean.

In October 2018 we conducted a charity mission in Amman, Jordan with team members from the charity Chain Of Hope. We brought with us an international, diverse and specialist film crew (they’ve already worked with the likes of David Attenborough!) to document some of the incredible work that this charity does on a daily basis. During the one-week mission, the surgeons from Riley’s Children Hospital, Indianapolis, USA carried out heart surgery on thirteen refugee children, saving each one of their lives. Expect to see the heart-wrenching film documentary released very soon.

Older fans of LIFE may remember our sponsorship of the Hidden Hills Hootenanny Festival back in April 2018, where we flew out to sunny LA in order to broaden our company’s global reach and, most importantly, raise money for the LA Heart Foundation. Here, we partnered with the innovative Woodchuck USA who helped create some beautiful, LIFE-themed, wooden merchandise for us. Woodchuck is special because their ethos is “Buy one, plant one” – whenever you purchase one of their products, they go and plant a tree somewhere in the world, helping to combat global deforestation. We partnered once again with them in October 2018 when we attended the Sky Sports British Masters golf tournament as an official sponsor. We shared custom-made, LIFE-branded wooden journals with fans, which means that the team at LIFE are responsible for supporting the planting of over 1500 new trees around the world!

There are so many more things that we have planned for the future to carry on our hard work of trying to really make a difference to people’s lives and the world, which is what we are all about at LIFE. Let us know in the comments how you’ve made a difference for #makeadifferenceday this year and make sure you are following us on all of our social media platforms where you can keep up-to-date with all of the philanthropic projects we are involved in, past, present, and future!

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