LIFE’s Favourite Crypto Influencers

The world of crypto is still a subject that many people tip-toe around, but it really doesn’t have to be. There are so many people online who are there to teach you everything you need to know about cryptocurrency, as well as providing some interesting and unique insights into the industry. The team at LIFE have put together our top three Cryptofamous influencers, so if you wanted to brush up on your knowledge, learn something new, or just get involved in the conversation, then these are the guys to follow!

Find out why we chose these guys, what we like about them, and links to their social platforms and websites below.


Andreas Antonopoulos

At LIFE we love Andreas Antonopoulos because he is what we consider a thought-leader and revolutionary in the industry. He has been working as an author, speaker, and educator in the industry since 2011, when he started living and breathing crypto. He posts content both for newbies and for those who have a strong understanding. However, his beginners’ content is more for those who already have a baseline understanding of technology and economics.

Although Andreas’ primary focus is on Bitcoin, he spends almost all of his time researching and keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing technology that encompasses Bitcoin and Blockchain, and his knowledge is so intricate due to the amount of research he undertakes. This enables him to provide a unique perspective into what he refers to as ‘the internet of money’.

Website – On his website you can find some lengthy articles, videos, links to purchase his books, and even get in touch with him to discuss interviews, promotions, and upcoming talks.

Twitter – Andreas’ Twitter profile, where he posts every few days, is flooded with information about his upcoming talks, recent videos, and general industry discussions.

YouTube – On this platform Andreas posts a new video every few days. Most of his videos are Q&A’s discussing anything and everything relating to Bitcoin and Blockchain, most of which are short and brief, so you’ll even have time to check them out on your coffee break at work.

LinkedIn – Andreas is very active on LinkedIn. Most of his posts are links to his latest videos, which you can also find on his YouTube channel.


Justin Sun

Justin is the founder of TRONFoundation, one of the largest Blockchain-based operating systems in the world. He is great at communication and that’s what we love about him! He appears to have a true sense of transparency and aims to keep the community updated on industry goings-on at all times. His work with TRON also plans to decentralise the entire web, which is something we at LIFE like the thought of.

Justin was on the Forbes 30 under 30 list three times between 2015 and 2017. At the age of 28 he had already founded two companies, as well as completing his Masters degree in Political Economy. Justin frequently posts articles related to TRON, as well as industry-related news.

Twitter – Justin is very active on twitter, usually posting daily. Many of his posts are brand articles and updates, however many of the articles from the site that he posts include information that is relevant to the industry as a whole.

Facebook – On Facebook Justin is a little more active. He has over 218,000 followers on his page, so he’s obviously doing something right!

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the least active of all Justin’s platforms, but we still think it’s worth a follow. He posts sporadically every few months, but appears to engage in conversation with users a lot more on LinkedIn than on other platforms.



We think YouTuber ‘Crypto Love’ (or Randal) is a great guy who provides ease of understanding to accommodate both new and seasoned traders. So if you are new to the world of crypto and want to pick things up pretty quickly, or if you have been in the game for a while, Randal is definitely someone you would want to have on your radar! He is highly active across all social platforms and has over 91,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Randal posts a huge variety of videos, from reviews of coins to educational webinars, to interviews with CEO’s of relevant companies. His videos are designed to be fun and engaging, as opposed to just one man talking at a camera for two hours.

As a newbie to the world of crypto, having no knowledge when I applied for a job at LIFE, (don’t worry I’m the social media girl!), I found Randal’s videos really informative and were broken down in a way that someone who is completely new and has no baseline knowledge of fintech can easily understand. We would definitely recommend checking out Randal to anyone who wants to learn about the world of cryptocurrency.

YouTube – Randal posts a new video every single day and goes live quite frequently, so make sure to subscribe and keep an eye out for his broadcasts.

Twitter – Of the three influencers on our list, Randal engages in conversations online the most. He tweets daily and often gets involved in conversations with members of the crypto community.

Facebook – Although not as active as his twitter, Randal still posts to Facebook daily, mostly with his latest videos.

Instagram – He hasn’t posted in almost a month, but Randal’s Instagram is full of crypto memes, so if you love a good meme (let’s face it, who doesn’t?!) then it’s well worth a follow.

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