The Best Resources For Learning About Blockchain Technology

Here at LIFE our ethos is “simply for everyone”, which means we want to make cryptocurrency and blockchain technology something that absolutely anyone can use. One of our primary goals as a business is to help educate the wider population on all things crypto.

We are here to help you answer the question that in the age of crypto, everyone is asking: “what is blockchain?”. Below you can find just some of the many fantastic and inspirational resources available online to help you learn more about the industry and technology, no matter what your knowledge level is.


BlockGeeks is a fantastic online resource that has a combination of free and paid online content to help you learn about blockchain. They provide you with a huge variety of guides and articles with informative and well-thought-out insights, as well as having online courses. If you pay for the monthly or yearly subscriptions you will get unlimited access to all of their course material.

These guys have a huge offering whether you are an individual wanting to know more about the basics, or a fully-fledged company looking to train staff on the ins and outs of the technology. We definitely recommend checking these guys out no matter how knowledgeable you are.


One of the largest online course providers in the world, we are sure everyone has heard of Udemy. They have a vast selection of blockchain related courses to choose from, with a combination of free and paid courses there is something for everyone. All of their course overviews advise you with how long you will need to complete the course, a synopsis of what you will learn and the level of knowledge the course is targeted at. Anyone can sign up and become a pro in no time at all!


Some may argue it is the greatest online resource we have in 2018 (of course with the exception of Google) and those people are right! A platform with over 1.3 billion users and an average of 1 billion video views per day in a variety of topics, one of those topics is blockchain. We have seen some fascinating YouTubers who post content for all knowledge levels. If you followed us prior to finding this post you may remember our blog post from August, “LIFE’s favourite crypto influencers”, which only touches the surface of the crypto-greats, they all have their very own YouTube channels and are recommended choices of the LIFE team.

On a site owned by tech giants IBM, this beginner course explains the fundamentals of blockchain and is completely free. It can take as little as 3 hours of your day to complete. So, if you fancy learning the basics in an evening after work, it’s absolutely achievable. Their detailed modules cover almost everything a beginner would need to know and it is an excellent place to get started when you are looking to build your knowledge.



This is a podcast hosted by Laura Shin, a senior editor at Forbes, who provides incredibly unique and interesting insights in both her written articles and her podcast, Unchained. This is a great listen if you feel like learning something new on your drive to work or if you simply are just not in the mood for reading.

The podcasts cover an array of industry topics and are available in multiple formats so it doesn’t matter what device you have, you can still learn from one of the most influential blockchain journalists of 2018.


And if you fancy a bit of *light* reading here are some of our favourite news sites:





The internet has a wealth of knowledge available to anyone and at LIFE we are true believers in everyone being entitled to an education (especially when it involves honing your knowledge of one of the most talked about innovative technologies of our age and of course, cryptocurrency).
Let us know what you thought of all of these resources in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss any of our future blog posts.

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