LIFEwallet Mobile Application Update Version 5.0 Released

Google Android and Apple iOS Version 0.5.0 is released for LIFE fans today.

Today LIFE is releasing significant updates to the LIFEwallet mobile app. Working with our army of dedicated Beta testers we are excited to release the latest version of our mobile wallet app for both Google Android and Apple iOS. Version 0.5.0 can be updated on your mobile phone today.

New features to look out for include:

  1. Send All: This feature allows users to easily send all of their funds to another address, without having to calculate the fees.
  2. Transaction Speed: We have added an easy to use and simple system to give you more control over the fees you pay for each transaction. You can now choose the speed between Slow, Normal or Fast.
  3. New Confirmation screen: In order to make the messages simpler for everyone, we have rephrased our content, making it obvious what amount is being paid, how much will be in transaction fees and how much will be received at the destination wallet address.
  4. New overspent message:  When a user selects almost all of their available balance, but not the full amount, it is quite possible that after the transaction fees, the total amount to send will be higher than the balance. We have added a message suggesting you use the ‘Enter Max’ amount instead.
  5. Convert all balance: Many users were trying to convert all of their balance making the transaction process fail due to not having enough currency to cover the transaction fees. We have changed how the app makes the calculations on the convert screen, to always deduct transaction fees from the deposit amount.

Finally, we’ve fixed all reported bugs and remedied some minor fixes, making significant improvements to the overall utility of the app.

Enjoy our latest version and thanks for your continued support from the Technology & Development Team.

For all tech support issues please continue to email: [email protected]

For general enquiries to the team please email: [email protected]

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