LIFE starts 2018 with a bang!

LIFE has hit an all time high on CoinMarketCap after an exciting and hugely successful day of trading on Coin Exchange, Tidex and HitBTC.

At 2200 GMT on 08/01/2018 LIFE had risen 586.87% on CoinMarketCap with a total market value of 73 million USD. This phenomenal rise made it the second best performing cryptocurrency in the world!

And this is just the beginning – LIFE will continue to mature in 2018, and our plans to secure more adopters, introduce LIFE to a range of charities, and launch the LIFEcard (and LIFEwallet) in the next few months will only help to open the LIFEtoken up to a much broader demographic.

LIFE really will be wonderful… Happy New Year!