LIFE liquidity, token supply and exchanges

LIFEtoken is available on a number of exchanges and token supply has been released into the market via third parties. These are normal activities for increasing supply to maintain liquidity. At no point will LIFEtoken be released in a quantity that floods the market.

Fluctuations in price can be driven by the fundamentals of supply and demand (not new supply coming into the market). The LIFE team observed the spike in January in the value of LIFE and noted it coincided with LIFE potentially coming off The publicity around this increased trading and caused the fluctuations.

The team at LIFE would like to convey to the community that LIFElabs is unfortunately not in control of third party exchange platforms. Should you have a problem or question regarding an exchange, we highly recommend getting in touch with the relevant third party platform with your enquiries as they will be able to assist you further.

However, we are here to support you with all LIFE related questions – join our dedicated Telegram channel led by our Community Manager, Anwar Ali, who is at hand to help the LIFE community.