4 simple steps in how to buy LIFEtoken created by LIFElabs.io


Are you still intrigued but utterly perplexed into how to make the first step into the exciting and fast-developing world of #cryptocurrency (digital currency) and #blockchain technology?

With so many articles and news stories from around the world, educating new adopters while showcasing how the innovative technology is transforming people’s lives forever. LIFE fans can embrace digital currency and be part of what the future holds…

Just in case you thought it couldn’t get any better! To top it off, when you invest in LIFEtokens you also support existing and future charitable and philanthropic programs?

The charity partners collaborating and partnering with LIFE grows in numbers each and every month.

So look no further and check out the simple guide below. It’s the quick and easy guide to buying LIFEtoken

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