LIFEcard pre-registration (and more) coming soon

The launch of our LIFEcard pre-registration site is imminent, and if that weren’t exciting enough, we are preparing a number of festive giveaways for the first adopters leading up to Christmas – ’tis the season for giving after all!

So, keep your eyes peeled for a series of updates over the coming days – we’ll let you know when the LIFEcard site is up and running, how to register, and how to be part of the giveaway. And we have a few other developments we’re hoping to announce along the way too.

Not sure what LIFEcard is?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use your LIFE (and Bitcoin, and Ether) for everyday purchases, whether that’s over the counter in high street shops or online. To do this, we’re developing a physical payment card that can be used to make purchases just like any other debit card.

How will LIFEcard work?

We’ll have more information on the pre-registration website, but it will essentially be a pre-paid debit card – once you have LIFE to spend, you will be able to use our app to ‘load’ it on to your LIFEcard ready for your weekly grocery shop, or something more luxurious!

When will LIFEcard be available?

We’re developing the LIFEcard as you read this, and timings may change, but we are on track to launch the card in Q1 2018.

And what’s the benefit of pre-registering?

If being one of the first to own a LIFEcard wasn’t enough, we will also be treating first adopters to some special treats, which we will announce soon. 🙂

We’ll update this news piece with a link to the LIFEcard website once it goes live, and we’ll send out notifications on each of our community platforms.

Thank you for your interest, and continued support!