The LIFE Telegram raffle winner is…

The lucky winner of our 250,000 LIFE has been decided.

Thank you to all those LIFERS who participated. We had to read through lots of interesting: “What LIFE means to you” pieces.

The winning piece of writing can be found here:

What does LIFE mean to you?

The LIFE team is always there for you. Describe what makes LIFE special for you!: LIFE represents, for me, the life as we would like to see it every day: A warm, smiling community, human goals, and a real goal of democratizing ideas still hard to accept in the world of cryptocurrency today.

Give as much happiness as possible by using LIFE. By giving LIFE power, we animate, in the depths of our hearts, a revolutionary feeling.

Thousands of cryptocurrency projects, a few rare that go beyond the sky, but I know, and I feel that LIFE will be part of its projects that can and will change the world. A text perhaps a little honeyed, but that is pure, do with love a possibility of change and improvement of the world for everyone.

A text written by a French Lifer. (name to be added once permission has been sought.)

How much LIFE did they win?

The winner, will be sent 250,000 LIFEtoken and the TX Hash will be posted for transparency.

Will there be more give aways?

We’re planning lots of little giveaways during the festive season, so watch the channels for further information.


Thanks again for you entries, some were very interesting and the top three were hard to differentiate between 🙂

Thank you for your interest, and continued support!