Official Announcement – LIFElabs joins Blockfolio Signal

LIFE is delighted to announce we have joined Blockfolio Signal. This will support the company’s ongoing efforts to keep our loyal fans updated on our latest project updates.

You can download the mobile app and follow us here:

Look out for more exciting news set to be announced in May 2019… #LIFEwallet #LIFEtoken #LIFEPaaS #LIFEcard #Blockfolio #BlockfolioSignal

About Blockfolio

Blockfolio Signal is a first-of-its-kind communications platform built exclusively for token teams to connect and engage with their communities. Over 5 million people already trust Blockfolio for managing their cryptocurrency portfolios and getting the latest prices, news, and team updates. LIFE can now instantly connect with our loyal fans and followers, the people who care most about what we have to say. Also it’s a unique opportunity for us to communicate with new and prospective customers intrigued to know more about products, services and global philanthropic ethos.  Blockfolio is the most trusted platform for staying connected to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, supporting over 8,000 cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets across 300+ exchanges with the latest prices, market data, team updates, and news always at our follower’s fingertips. It’s the easiest way to discover, track, and manage your cryptocurrency investments. People can stay up to date with exchange and global average pricing and organise holdings and watch lists across an unlimited number of portfolios. Trusted by the best teams in this industry, with over 400 Executive team leaders actively broadcasting on Signal, including leaders from Monero, DASH, NEO, Ethereum Classic, NEM, ZCash, Maker, 0x, Decred, Ontology, Kyber Network and many more.


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