LIFElabs announces new adopter of LIFEtoken for loyalty rewards – Lemonstorm

Dear LIFE followers,

The team at LIFElabs are delighted to announce the adoption by Lemonstorm of LIFEtoken for loyalty rewards.  This is a significant milestone for the LIFElabs team and represents a shift in brand placement for the company.  We are excited to be partnering with Lemonstorm who have an amazing brand portfolio and an innovative and disruptive approach to e-commerce.

Lemonstorm acquires and commercialises e-commerce licenses from large brands, providing an immersive shopping experience for brand fans and customers.  Unlike e-commerce service providers, Lemonstorm builds, owns, and operates the brands’ official online e-commerce presences and, crucially, owns the customer relationships.  Brands love the concept because they get a superb online presence with global logistics, plus revenue share, without having to engage in the highly difficult build-up of large internal resources.

Founded in 2014, Lemonstorm is led by an experienced team and operates stores such as the Discovery Channel Europe and DMAX.  Another exciting partner of theirs is the famous Bear Grylls!  They have also just signed up Goodyear Tyres, which will lead to Lemonstorm owning the official Goodyear online store (licensing products only, of course).  Initially this venture will just be for European businesses, but a global roll-out will be quick to follow.

LIFElabs looks forward to releasing further updates in due course.

Luke Chittock, Managing Director

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